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There can be times when we have to read the text of the image. Different programming languages like C# have different ways to read the text. An Iron OCR library will be used to identify text in images. There are a few lines of code that we have to write in order to read whatever is present in the image. This article will tell you steps to read the text in an image using C# language.

Download and Install IcronOCR

To accomplish the above objective, you will first need to download and install the software which will perform the task. Install the Icron OCR NETlibrary in the Visual Studio project. You have to use IronOcr.AutoOcr class to read the image text. The below code will read the text and return the output in the form of a string.

using IronOcr;

AutoOcr OCR = new AutoOcr() { ReadBarCodes = false };

var Results = OCR.Read(“img/Screenshot.png”);


var Ocr = new AdvancedOcr()


    CleanBackgroundNoise = true,

    EnhanceResolution = true,

    EnhanceContrast = true,

    Language = IronOcr.Languages.English.OcrLanguagePack,

    ColorSpace = AdvancedOcr.OcrColorSpace.Color,

    Strategy = IronOcr.AdvancedOcr.OcrStrategy.Advanced,

    InputImageType = AdvancedOcr.InputTypes.Document,

    DetectWhiteTextOnDarkBackgrounds = true,

    RotateAndStraighten = true,

    ColorDepth = 4

    ReadBarCodes = true,


var Results = Ocr.Read(“any_image_or_pdf.pdf”);

Description of the above code

The above code is instructing the software to scan the image for quality, resolution and alignment. It is looking at the image properties, and optimizing the “OCR” engine, and using a skilled AI (artificial intelligence) network to read the text like a human.

Why is use of OCR recommended to read text from an image?

OCR is not considered as a simple procedure for any system to use it. The reading speeds can be almost same as that of a human. OCR is not a process that happens instantaneously. It offers 100% accurate results.

Advanced OCR

Advanced OCR is especially recommended by businesses who wish to get superior performance for real world use cases. An advanced OCR provides the facility to establish specific properties of an OCR task.

Some of them are to clean background noise, improve contrast, enhance resolution, and select a specific type of language.  Use of an advanced OCR also helps in choosing specific strategies that strikes a fine blend between speed and performance.

It is helpful in specifying color spaces and working with negative pictures where there is presence of dark colored text on white colored backgrounds. An advanced OCR specifies a document type by looking at a snippet, screenshot, or a complete document.

This software helps in specifying whether it makes sense to spend time in correcting rotation, skew, and perspective in the unique scanned image. It is mostly beneficial to specify if IronOCR is able to read barcodes at the time of performing an OCR. You can even select the number of bits/pixels within the color depth.


These steps will help you use Iron OCR so as to achieve the highest performance, speed and efficiency at the time of reading text from images in C#. By providing an imperfect document in terms of noise, formatting, and skew as an input to Iron OCR, you will see that the content will be read accurately with a statistical accuracy of close to 98% to 99%.