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You may have seen articles or heard debates about solar energy and thought, “what’s with all the hype?”Solar power is becoming one of the leading sources for clean energy. Here are some interesting and surprising facts about solar energy that you may have not heard before.


The first fact about solar energy that may surprise you is its sheer abundance. Even on cloudy days. On overcast days enough solar rays reach the earth to power an entire household. There is enough solar power hitting the earth every hour to generate enough energy to supply all of humanity’s needs for an entire year.

For example, if you were to cover an area of land around 47,000 miles with solar panels, it would be able to harness twice the amount of power the entire United States uses every year. Families who have switched to solar panels for their homes, utilizing technology like a SMA three phase solar inverter, have reported an abundance of energy for their household, not a deficiency.  


Another neat fact about solar energy is that it is extremely efficient. A typical solar panel comes with a 40-50 year lifespan. Solar power is also extremely time efficient. The technology that is paired with solar energy is able to be repaired and built faster than any other source. Puerto Rico was a prime example of this. After a devastating hurricane, Tesla Incorporated was able to build and utilize solar plants on the island in only a few weeks.

And it’s not just home owners who are switching over to solar. Many commercial companies are benefiting from solar energy as well. Some of the biggest names in solar power for business are companies like Target, Walmart, and Apple. Apple has set a further goal for itself to not only be able to power their day-to-day operations with solar power, but to have enough renewable energy to power the devices they produce as well.  


Perhaps one of the best surprises when it comes to this abundant form of renewable energy is how affordable it is. The cost for a solar panel today is around 99 percent cheaper than it was in 1977. The prices have gone down from $77 per watt, to only $0.21 per watt. When it comes time to go solar for your home you should work with a qualified company to make sure your system is installed properly. They can also recommend which system you should use, or if a SMA three phase solar inverter would be a good fit for you. So find out how solar energy can work for you today, and shed a little light on the subject.