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The craze of smart television is at its peak nowadays. Most of the people desire for this kind of television at home or office space. These kinds of television dominate store shelves. Smart TV’s are developed by several different manufacturers. If you are in the market to buy one then it becomes necessary to acquire as much information about these TV sets as you can. 

What Is a smart television?

This kind of television incorporates an OS/platform that enables one to manage, access, as well as view network-based and online media content without any requirement of connecting to an additional Firestick device. Pigu.lt is one of the most recognized stores to buy a variety of electronic gadgets at the best price under one roof. 

How does a smart television work?

Smart television gets access to any online content by getting connected to the Ethernet / Wi-Fi network and broadband router that is used for making a connection with the PC to the internet. Once your television set gets connected and is switched on, then you will have to provide login information as needed by your ISP.

The smart television displays an “on-screen menu” that comprises of a list of internet channels that are provided as apps. Some of the apps are preloaded, while you can download other apps to the existing television app library. On clicking on a specific app/channel, you will get to see what all does that channel provides to its viewers.

Advantages of Smart TVs

  1. The major advantage of a smart television is that it provides access to a wide range of channels that offers television programs, music and movies without any requirement to subscribe to a satellite/cable service or connect to a television antenna.
  2. Although smart televisions also receive television programming through antenna, satellite or cable, it can even eliminate inbuilt tuners and cable or antenna connections on its set.

Smart TV Features

Along with internet streaming, smart TVs offer more functionalities that include Screen Sharing and Miracast. It enables its users to watch content from compatible tablets and smartphones on a television screen.

Some smart televisions can also do the reverse task like sending content from the television to any compatible smartphone. Once the sending is done, users can watch the content on their smartphone easily. It does not require a smartphone to be kept close to the television to enjoy the viewing experience.

Limitations and considerations

Only a few smart television platforms offer access to several free services and channels. It may need either a pay per watch fee or a monthly subscription. When you begin adding all those costs, you can easily end up spending more than a satellite bill or monthly cable. You will pay only for those content and channels that you wish.

Most of the smart TVs from different brands access mostly similar features and core services, a lot of niches and additional channels may not be available for access on a few smart television platforms.


The arrival of smart television has led to a new dimension of capability to the video experience.