July 18, 2019
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The Blockchain technology is among the leading inventions in the modern world. There are several ways in which this technology is improving the lives and livelihoods of people. In this article, we will look at how the Blockchain technology is changing the management of public records, business hiring, and the voting system. The other sectors that the Blockchain technology influences positively are banking and healthcare. You can get more insights by reading broadly on this topic.

  • Public Records

One of the most critical administrative functions of the government is recording all citizen information. The data comprises of businesses and individuals concerning their activities and assets. Most of the information that governments file is in paper databases, and this makes the process of managing data extremely hard especially in less developed countries. Like Ubitiquity, Blockchain systems will encode all the public records in a digital ledger to keep the citizen data from alterations from fraudulent activities. Identity theft is a challenge that can be hard to handle. The Blockchain technology allows for the digitalization of administrative public information. The process makes it tamper-proof, and this will stop any instances of criminal activities.

  • Voting

A common limitation of the voting system all over the world is that the voters must present themselves at the polling booths. It makes it hard for individuals who need to travel on the poll day. In addition, the average person can find it so hard to verify the poll results. Blockchain development firms are developing solutions that seek to actualize online voting. The system will allow voters to view accurate information about poll results and standings and several other statistics digitally. The system delivers a safe voting process for the citizens. Politician of the given country will not coerce citizens to vote for a particular candidate in the presence of a reliable Blockchain consulting service to oversee the process.

  • Business Hiring

Businesses find a hard time to get the right staff irrespective of their size. Employers can use the Blockchain technology to verify the credential of all job applicants via a digital data base. You can apply the Blockchain technology to create a decentralized database for experts who have verifiable qualifications in a secure ledger. Entrepreneurs can use the ledger when hiring candidates. Several Blockchain consulting services are attempting to overcome this challenge by recording verifiable worker’s information.

As at 2016, employment and tax-related frauds comprised up to 34% of the total identify thefts. Therefore, the Blockchain technology renders the hiring process for all businesses more secure because the company will only access valid candidates. This minimizes the risk of employing a fraudulent human resource. It also assists job applicants by increasing the speed of the hiring process and helping them to get eligible jobs leading to a hassle-free application process.

The use of Blockchain technologies assist businesses and individuals alike. The system will also help in protecting personal information while making critical data to be visible publicly. The Blockchain technology remains to be the best application in cryptocurrency but experts will continue to spread its use to other sectors. The technology will continue to provide meaningful solutions to citizens all over the world.